Core activities

Blowups is strong at builing giant 3D objects. Blowups has been making sculptures, 3D characters, furniture, play equipment, solid blow-ups, prototypes and industrial products and other 3d objects since 1990. We create these objects with all kinds of materials and all from A to Z in our own workshop in Heijen. IThis is what makes Blowups unique! The strength of Blowups lies in the knowledge of the specific characteristics of polyester, over 25-years of experience.

Hub Rasker, director Blowups:

“ “Customers come up with beautiful designs on paper or as a miniature print. Figure out the most efficient method to build those beautiful designs in 3D and resized to a large scale (blow-up) is our core activity and passion. Sustainability and enjoyment at work are most important in our creative process.”

Roel Rasker, director Blowups:

“Our focus gives customers a lot of benefits. Just think of the knowledge base and experience we have built up by doing everything in-house, since 1990. No unnecessary and expensive switching between different subcontractors. We work cost-efficiently on high quality products. This way we can create something beautiful for every budget. The power of Blowups lies with the total freedom in shape, material and size. Our team is fully responsive to such assignments, thinking about the design, smart constructions and delivering high quality products. We deliver custom made items, from A to Z.”