Why are sculptures, advertising objects and themed characters made of polyester?

The answer to this question: the advantage of polyester over other materials such as wood, steel, plastic and concrete. The unique characteristics of polyester makes it a popular material for many different projects. In several industries, innovations and product improvements are made thanks to the use of polyester. Polyester enables designers and developers to create much more custom-made work. It is easily scalable. Polyester appears to be a prefect alternative to other materials, even when it comes to the price / quality ratio.

  • The unique characteristics of polyester:

Polyester is a synthetic resin. The resin becomes hard after adding hardener. Polyester does not rust and makes a product or artwork strong, stiff and impact-resistant when it is combined with fiberglass.

Products made entirely out of polyester are very strong due to the combination of synthetic resin with fiberglass. Products with a base of other materials, which are completely covered with polyester get that same strength. The desired strength of the product is achieved by adding several layers of fiberglass. The more layers fiberglass, the stronger the product.

De unieke eigenschappen en voordelen van polyester.

De unieke eigenschappen en voordelen van polyester.

By adding several layers, the mechanical construction of the object becomes more and more solid. Which makes the giant 3D objects and artworks incredibly strong and able to withstand strong forces like wind.

Nick Ervinck Trahiard kunstwerk, beeldende kunst, sculptuur. Polyester. Productie, speciaal transport en plaatsing door Blowups.

The number of fiberglass layers applied by Blowups depends on the purpose of the blow-up. For products that do not last long and / or that no one can touch, fewer layers are sufficient. Products that can be climbed or products that are subject to great pressure are often provided with 5 to 6 layers of fiberglass by Blowups.

Polyester products that are expertly made have a very long service life and are resistant to all weather conditions.


  • Light weight

In comparison to wood, concrete and steel, polyester is very lightweight, while it is just as strong or in some cases even stronger. This offers many benefits. Consider the carrying capacity of the surface (roofs, facades, stages ) and easier transportation and placement.

Polyester kunstwerk Nick Ervinck EGNOABER Gent


  • Freedom in design and finish

No other material offers you the freedom in design and finish as polyester does. That is also the main reason that advertising objects, artworks, playground equipment and 3D characters are made of polyester.
At Blowups, all possible shapes are made by PUR foam by creative craftsmen, we do this by hand or milled with help from a 3D scan or 3D drawing. The foam shape is later covered with several layers of fibre reinforced polyester.

De unieke eigenschappen en voordelen van polyester.

  • Waterproof

Polyester is almost completely waterproof after hardening, but to make the polyester product or artwork 100% waterproof, Blowups covers it with a special polyester coating.


Blowups bouwde voor Kia de nieuwe Kia Giant Picanto voor plaatsing langs de A2 in Breukelen.

  • Temperature-resistant

Polyester is resistant to temperature fluctuations and much more fire-resistant compared to other materials. Polyester needs more heat than other plastics before it starts melting, furthermore polyester melts before it starts burning. At locations where strict fire-retardant materials are required, such as at airports, Blowups also uses a special fire-retardant resin.

International Travel Retail Meubilair


  • Frost-resistant

Waterproof polyester objects are frost resistant, but for durability the internal structure also needs a specific construction technique. For example, giant sculptures are often made with an internal steel construction. By proceccing this structure in a special way, Blowups prevents, for example frozen condensation, causing damage to the polyester.

  • Electrically and thermally insulating
  • Does not conduct electricity or heat
  • Resistant to chemical liquids and corrosion
  • Non-magnetic
  • Low expansion coefficient
  • UV resistant
  • De unieke eigenschappen en voordelen van polyester.

    De unieke eigenschappen en voordelen van polyester.

    De unieke eigenschappen en voordelen van polyester.

    De unieke eigenschappen en voordelen van polyester.

    De unieke eigenschappen en voordelen van polyester.

    De unieke eigenschappen en voordelen van polyester.