Starting with a technical drawing (CAD / CAM) made by Blowups, all objects are produced in our own workshop in Heijen. Various professionals can be deployed for this, depending on the expertise and discipline required.

Blowups uses various materials such as wood, polyester, acrylic, polystyrene, PUR foam and metal to manufacture the solid sculptures. Sometimes one type of material is the best solution, but we usually use a combination of different materials. The delivery time strongly depends on the design and quantity of a project, but the average production time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Production capacity
Manufacturing 3D objects, giant solid product enlargements, or giant sculptures is highly labor-intensive but with 24 professionals, Blowups can work quickly. We know the importance of deadlines. With a total production capacity of over 700 man-hours per week, we can keep short delivery times and can deliver strictly according to the agreed deadline. Our products are often used at trade fairs, openings, exhibitions or in specific marketing campaigns.