Services Blowups

Blowups has a number of services & services:

Deliver the objects at specific locations and times.

When engineering, Blowups already takes into account a smart way of mounting. Fast and without nuisance to the environment. We regularly assemble large 3D objects on buildings, in parks, on cars, etc.

Special transport
As a specialist in the manufacture of very large objects, we also know everything about the best way to transport these objects.

Blowups can also take care of the placement of a 3D object. For placements we have been to many different locations over the past 30 years and therefore have all the necessary knowledge in-house. We placed 3D objects on roofs, against facades, on the beach, in public spaces, etc.

Use workshop
We are happy to make part of the workshop and our knowledge available to artists and designers who partly want to make their own object.

Services Blowups
Services Blowups