About Blow Ups

We are Blowups, manufacturer of high-quality 3D objects. Over the past 30 years we have specialized in the fabrication of large 3D objects. We create these objects in all shapes and sizes and work with materials like glassfiber, pu foam, styrofoam, hotspray, steel and wood.

The materials we work with offer a high degree of formability, it gives designers optimum freedom to design about any shape they want.

Blowups operates in several different fields, we produce items like large sculptures, furniture, playground equipment, exhibition stands, theme park rides, giant 3D letters etc. 

The entire manufacturing process is done in-house by a passionate team of 20 professionals.  Craftsmen who each have their own specialisation, from 3D drawing to sanding, to modelling and airbrush. We work with traditional tools and advanced machines.