About Blow Ups

Our mission

Blowups was founded in 1990 by brothers Hub and Roel Rasker. At Blowups, everything is made in the 1,300 m2 workshop in Heijen in North Limburg. The most beautiful products are realized with a very close team of 24 professionals, traditional tools and advanced machines.

Blowup’ mission is simple: creating beautiful things. Entrepreneurs Hub and Roel believe that delivering a perfect result, in line with the agreements, strict realization of deadlines and pleasure in work are most important. For them, but also for their employees.


With a production capacity of 700 hours a week, Blowups can work quickly. Many of our customers deal with strict deadlines for trade fairs, exhibitions, shows and openings, so we always try to take rush orders into account. We deliver on our promises!

All under one roof

Blowups works for advertising companies, stand builders, interior builders, artists, amusement parks, recreational parks, managers of public spaces, architects, A-brand manufacturers and also end users from different industries. For industrial applications of polyester, we work together with product designers, engineers, builders and manufacturers.

You can hand over your project, from A to Z. At Blowups Reclame Objecten BV all kinds of 3D objects are made. The 24 professionals and the machinery are set up to make all kinds of objects from polyester, PUR, polystyrene, wood, plastic and metal. CAD drawing, cnc milling, vacuum forming etc. are daily activities in our workshop. We can advise you on everything: from the best material for your solid 3D object to the best manufacturing method, finish, assembling method and placement of your blow-up, display, furniture, play equipment or artwork.

Because all work is done under one roof, the process is clear and the lines are short. Blowups delivers high quality and guarantees all steps are carried out efficiently, on time and at the lowest possible costs.


Blowups works for large and small customers in various branches: 


This diversity in branches results in a wide variety of products, but most items created by Blowups serve aseyecatcher. Premium brands often have Blowups make huge product enlargements or advertising characters. These are placed in public spaces, in shop windows or as display units at trade fairs, they serve as walking advertisement, or as car top advertisement. Designers at advertising agencies often come up with the most creative ideas, their ideas often need an inventive and solution-oriented work method. We love the challenge!

Artists get plenty of space at Blowups. They can even work in our in workshop alongside our craftsmen, to use the expertise of our team. Product designers at interior design studios, architecten, theme parks, set designers and stand builders come up with wonderful things and find in Blowups the best partner to realize it. 

Blowups offers product designers, engineers, builders and manufacturers the opportunity to produce one or more prototypes and all possible polyester end products.

Your project?

You will come across many different solid product enlargements and 3D objects on our website. Everything is possible, challenge us!