The most beautiful products are created with a team of 20 professionals, traditional tools and advanced machines. Our joint mission is simple: create extraordinary 3D objects.

Sometimes only one type of material is sufficient, but in order to obtain the best result we often combine different kind of materials. This means that the Blowups team is specialised in many different disciplines.

Our workshop is physically divided into the various disciplines:

• Construction design;
• 3D scanning;
• 3D CAD / CAM engineering;
• Metalworking;
• Woodworking;
• Electronics;
• Molding;
• Polyester processing;
• Casting synthetic resin;
• Modelling (creative, organic forms);
• Handshaping;
• 3D milling (CNC mill, CNC hotwire, Kuka milling robot) 
• Vacuum forming;
• Spray painting;
• Decoration;
• Sign